Friday, September 18, 2009

It's hot and it's cold...

As I mentioned below, half of the planet is molten, half is probably ice. This leads me to believe that this planet was discovered by Katy Perry a year ago and she wrote a song about it.

I believe that there is another planet that we don't yet know about yet... BUT KATY PERRY DOES!

The planet probably has mildly lesbian tendencies, and it likes it.

Let me be the first [doctor] to say right now that we scientists need to keep a close watch on Katy Perry to make sure that she isn't hiding anymore scientific secrets from us! IF SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH THAN WE MUST FIND IT!

Of course this is only a hypothesis... it will be verified with the release of Katy Perry's next single: "My Love Is Like String Theory, Which By The Way Is Not A Theory It Is Fact."

Boy oh boy would we discover a lot if we just listened to Katy Perry more.

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